Wed 2 Class Intro, Slack Exercise
Fri 4 Class Blog Intro, Blog Exercise


Mon 7 Reflection rubric workshop (slides)
Wed 9 Introduction to Renaissance Florence
Reading: Turner, Renaissance Florence, pp. 10-32; Selections from Images of Quattrocento Florence, 64-76, 287-305; Giovanni Vilani (Villani), “Florence,” pp. 70-72.
Fri 11 Mapping Urban Fabric—setting the tone of urban identity
Reading: Trexler, Public Life in Renaissance FlorenceThe Feast of St. John, pp. 241-271


Mon 14 Twitter as a Platform for Scholarly Dissemination *Meet in Rare Books Room in Library basement*
Reading: COR, pp. 3-28
*Tue 15 Mellon Scholars Summer Research Showcase*
Wed 16 Introduction to the research paper: finding a topic
Reading: CoR, pp. 29-50
*Research consultations w/ Dr. Heath between 9/17-9/25*
Fri 18 Discussion of Holland field report from Holland Museum and neighborhoods
Due: Join Twitter
Due: Reflection via blog


Mon 21 Audio Engineering 101 (slides) (screencast)
Wed 23 Architecture and Civic Presence: the Duomo of Santa Maria del Fiore
Reading: National Geographic website with interactives
Fri 25 Civic Patrons and Domestic Architecture: the Palazzo Medici
Reading: Goldthwaite, Florentine Palace as Domestic Architecture


Mon 28 Discussion of Podcast: Architecture in Holland
Due: Reflection via podcast
Wed 30 Audiovisual Production 101


Fri 2 Audiovisual Production 101

Mon 5 No Class, Fall Break


Wed 7 How does a City Sound?
Reading: Macey, Singing in and around Florence cathedral,  pp. 63-71; Atlas, Life in Florence (Music), pp. 78-85
Fri 9 Sound, Performance, and Meaning, the case of the Nuper rosarum flores, by Guillaume Dufay
Reading: Wright, Dufays Nuper rosarum flores, pp. 395-441 – with margin notes: Craig Wright with margin notes; Atlas, Life in Florence (Music), pp. 86-94
Due: Research Paper Proposal


Mon 12 Discussion of podcasts on music and sound in Holland
Due: Reflection via podcast
Wed 14 The Visual Arts in the Urban Context: The Brancacci Chapel
Reading: Alberti, On Painting, pp. 57-69; Smarthistory vodcast on Masaccio and reading
Fri 16 Asking questions of Painting
Reading: Barnet, Formal Analysis and Style, pp. 48-68


Mon 19 Cataloging your work: Zotero
Reading: CoR, pp. 84-102 “Engaging Sources”
Wed 21 Visit to library for instruction of research resources
Reading: CoR, pp. 68-83 “From Problems to Sources”
Fri 23 Discussion of asking research questions and turning them into problems
Reading: CoR, pp. 51-67 “From Questions to Problems”


Mon 26 Github Landing Pages
Wed 28 Github Landing Pages
Fri 30  Discussion of videos of visual culture in Holland
Due: Reflection Via Screencast



Mon 2 Dance as a civic and cultural marker
Reading: Sparti, Dancing in Renaissance Society, pp. 47-61
Due: Object description and analysis 

Wed 4 Reconstructing the ephemeral: Renaissance dance manuals
Reading: Guglielmo Ebreo of Pesaro, On the Practice and Art of Dancing: Sparti, Status and Description of De Practica, pp. 3-22; Sparti, Translation of On the Art of Dancing, pp. 92-111; MET videos; Dances of the Netherlands; Tulip Time Dutch Dancing
Fri 6 Discussion of blog on Holland Dancing
Due: Reflection via blog


Mon 9 Making good arguments
Reading: COR, pp. 103-129 
Wed 11 Supporting a thesis: evidence and reasons
Reading: CoR, pp. 130-138
Fri 13 Writing workshop: making claims
Due: Research Paper Drafts on Context 


Mon 16 Previous year’s projects and roundtable of last years’ teams
Wed 18 Short lecture on structure and style + Individual paper consultations
Reading: CoR, pp. 232-268
Fri 20 In-class workshop combining drafts + Intros/Conclusions
Due by class end: First Complete Draft


Mon 23 How to give a presentation with media
Reading: Edwards, “How to give a paper”
Wed 25 Individual paper consultations
Fri 27 Thanksgiving Recess: no class


Mon 30 Individual paper consultations


Wed 2 Research paper presentations (rubric): Kennedy, Sherman, Messner, Hulderman
Fri 4 Research paper presentations: Ramirez, Donley, Bading, Bernhardt


Mon 7 Research paper presentations: Pikaart, O’Donnell, Jones, Bouvier
Wed 9 Research paper presentations: Stringfellow, Gomez, Ellis, Banaszak
Fri 11 Selecting topics/groups for Spring Group Project on Digital Holland

15 **Final Submission of research papers**